Gaited Horses
Survey of New Owners of a Gaited Horse
To Complete this survey, 
first check your status as to whether you are 
  • a seller of gaited horses entering your observations
  • or a person who has just bought/ is looking to buy their first gaited horse.
IF you are entering the answers as a SELLER 
then answer the questions based on your observations of the most common scenario.

I.E.: If MOST of your buyers are First time horses owners, then check that box.
E-Mail Address 
Status Seller 
Just Bought
Looking to Buy
Gender  Male
No Answer 
Are You  A First Time Horse Owner
A Repeat Horse Owner
No Answer 
What was the most important attribute or characteristic of the horse? Smoothness of Gait.
Level of Training
What was the most limiting aspect of your search? Distance
Size of Horse
How many different gaited breeds did you consider in your purchase? One
Three or More
How was the horse purchased located? Referral
Local Ad
On Internet
How many horses did you try out before purchasing? One
Three or More
Are you Happy With Purchase
Unhappy With Purchase
Looking to get another
Getting rid of the one you got.
When I got the horse home he/she: Has always gaited beautifully.
Gaited at first, then we had some gait issues.
Took some work to get to gait properly.
I think our gait issues were: Because of my lack of knowledge.
Because of improper conditioning of the horse.
Because of poor breeding in the horse.
Because of a tack issue.

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