Ray Miller Test

See how versed you are in Horse Sense!
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1) What is the difference between the snaffle bit and the curb bit?
2) Name 3 curb Bits.
3) What are signs of an absess in the foot?
4) What does heat in the leg indicate?
5) What is the best hoof conditioner?
6) Which is not a chemical name for a dewormer?
7) Which is not something associated with barn fever?
8) What Medication would you use to treat a viral infection?
9) Which is a legume hay?
10) What is the most important piece of equiptment a handler should have when working with a horse?
11) What is the normal pulse rate of a horse?
12) What is the locomotion of a horse?
13) What is a fistula?
14) What type of Hay do you find Blister Beetles in?
15) Which is not a snaffle bit?

Good Luck!