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Paso Fino Foal!

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Foxtrotter Foal!

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Your investment so far:
Item Cost
Research Costs $100.00
Stud Fee $800.00
Vet Farm Call, HC and Coggins $52.00
Fuel for round trip to farm.
Sub Total $1,027.00

The mare comes in heat in 3 days and is bred, live cover to the stallion you have chosen.  

You can : 
A. Have the mare ultrasounded in 2 weeks to determine status. 

B. Have the mare remain there and be teased back in 18 to 20 days
and bred if she comes back in, then palpated 3 weeks to determine if
she is in foal or coming into season.  


        A. Have a trailer and transport the mare yourself.

        B. Do not have a trailer.