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Your investment so far:

You in all likelihood have at LEAST 20 hours in searching for, visiting and selecting the stallion. You travel costs, phone bill etc. have added into the $ amount you have invested. A realistic estimate would be $100.00 invested upon to committing to a stallion.

This stallion owner that you have chosen requires a 30 day health certificate and current coggins. You call the vet, set the appointment to have your mare checked.

Your vet arrives to pull the coggins and do a Health certificate. 
Item Cost
Research Costs $100.00
Stud Fee $800.00
Vet Farm Call, HC and Coggins $52.00
Sub Total $952.00

Your mare has to be in heat to breed her to the stallion. You have one of two choices.

  1. the mare to assess the stage she is in heat, or estrus, the time at which a mare is receptive to a stallion, allowing for mating. 
  2. Take the mare to the stallions facility to allow the mare to be "teased in". You contact the stallion owner to arrainge to bring the mare to their facility the next day. 
    1. A. Have a trailer and transport the mare yourself.
      B. Do not have a trailer.