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Virtual Breeding
© Beverly Whittington 2002
This series has been designed for those who want to learn more about breeding, without actually having to breed their horse. This site was created after being inspired by a dog virtual breeding site.

Over the course of the many years I have been involved in breeding horses, I have heard many reasons for people wanting to breed their mare. Some breed to try to produce a certain type of horse, some breed to save money (rather than purchasing a foal). Some breed because they would like to pass on attributes that are special to them that their mare produces. The list goes on and on.

No matter what you reason for breeding, you will have to make choices along the way that will affect the outcome.
As you go through the series you will have to make some rather critical decisions. Not even a very experienced breeder will make all the right decisions and sometimes regardless of which course you choose, disaster will strike. All incidents referred to are based on real life occurrences that have either happened to me, or fellow breeders. 

There are many Java encoded links within this series, this will make many of the results random. The random link is activated each time a page is refreshed. If you wish to go through the series more than once, refresh each page, it may give you different results (or you may hit the same random link unless you refresh several times).

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or, if you do not feel that you have enough experience to breed yet, please click on this page to learn more about breeding horses. 

Equine Reproduction

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