Upload a photo of  your TWH for consideration in the
Tennesse Walking Horse Breed Spotlight on Gaited Horses!

Gaited Horses is doing a breed spotlight on the Tennessee Walking horse. With the large number of visitors on the site each month, it is our intention to include as many good photographs showing the TWH in its various capacities as a show, trail and pleasure horse. We would like to invite you to submit your TWH horse(s) for inclusion in the TWH Breed Spotlight. Photos must be at least 350 pixels wide and of clear resolution. We especially would like photos of horse performing the true running walk while at liberty.

To upload photos find the photo in your computer, just like you would to attach to an email.

This should be faster than sending email.



horse1.jpg  will work

horse 1.jpg will NOT


You will be given instructions on the next page to send us an email with the following information.

  1. Name of File(s) you just uploaded.
  2. Name and owner of horse for each file
  3. Permission to use the photo online.
  4. Titles if any that the horse has
  5. age and sex of horse(s) in photo