“the images speak for themselves…”

Susan Barackman 
Horse and Pet Portraits in Acrylic
Prices and samples
ACRYLIC- on stretched canvas
8X10      $105
9x12       $125
11x14     $155
12x16     $205
12x24     $295
14x18     $295
16x20     $395
15x30     $495
18x24     $795 
18x36     $845
20x30     $895
24x36     $995
Prices include postage and framing. 
Prices for one figure only. 
Add 15% for each additional figure.
(Up to 3 figures allowed in 24x36 at no extra charge.) 
Send good clear photos. 



Email for more info or samples of latest works 

All  prices subject to change. 
All artwork and paintings are the © Copyright of the artist Susan Barackman. 
All Rights Reserved.