Dos Equis 
Paso Fino Gelding

Owner and Rider 

Crystal Hodges 

Retono D Americo
Peruvian Paso Gelding

Owned by

Bennie D. Boulet
of Maurice LA


RYR Americo
l3 year old Peruvian Paso

Shown here winning a costume class
in Ft. Worth, TX in 1998

Owned by

Susie Boulet 

RYR Americo
13 year old Peruvian Paso

Being shown in a western class. 
Aren't the Peruvian Pasos versatile!

Owned and Ridden by 

Susie Boulet 
of Maurice, LA

Rowdy's LIL' Rascal
Singlefooting Stallion

Owned by

David Stanley Clintwood, VA.

Canseco Estaban
11 year old Pasofino Gelding
An ex-Fino Showhorse from Florida, and her first
Paso Fino.  He loves to trail ride in the 75 miles 
of the ATVA in Amwell, NJ.

Owned & Ridden by

Colette Leboffe, Philadelphia, PA


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