Bandit's Delight
Racking horse
Bandit's Delight is a trustworthy mountaingoat!! 
He would protect you with his life,
and he has on occasion.
Bandit is a chestnut and white tobiano,
he is 8 years old now. 
Picture taken at Cataloochee,
in the great 
Smoky Mountains National Forest
  Owner Patricia Clark
Pepper's Black Knight
Racking/Singlefooting colt
 Pictured at 1 month old!  He isnow 17 months old and is quite the young man!!  He exibits extremelynatural singlefooting gait and I can't wait until he is 3 so
we can start some light riding.
Owned by
Patricia Clark
TWH Gelding
On beautiful fall day in the mountains of 
West Virginia.  Max has been on two50-mile endurance
rides.  He has been a part of our familyfor almost 10 years. 
Owned and operated by
Howard Jeffers
Danny Boy 
Missorri Fox Trotter
He has only been a member of the family for 
6 months but has endeared himself by his
willing attitude and extra smooth ride.
It matters not what the weather may be,
if your gonna' ride you might as well goin style. 
Owned and operated by 
Phyllis Jeffers
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