Paso Fino
19 month old Paso Fino Stud colt and his first rider..
My buddy Jillian Nicole. 
That is me holding her up there...
Ashley Hagan of Wichita KS

Missouri Fox Trotter

Shot'O Moonshine
Owned by Elizabeth Kopplow

Seguin, Texas

Spanish Mustang

Andy (And We Dance) is a gaited American Indian Horse /  Spanish Mustang . He is 5 years old in this photo. 
These horses have a lot of history behind them. 
They are descendents of the horses the Spanish Conquistadors brought over. 
Owned by Carolyn Maddox and Shirley Smith

Peruvian Paso

Jalapeno Rojo
2/15/96 - gelded 10/00
owned by Linda garro of Ramona CA. 
photo by Debbie Pye.

1/2 TWH

Chrisma Rose
12 hour old gaited filly. 
Mom is a pure bred Arabian, 
Dad is a pure bred Tennessee Walker
Owned by Connie Fisher


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