Missouri Fox Trotter

Color: Blood Bay, Tobiano, Homozygous
Age at time of Photo: 2 weeks
Sex: Stud Colt
Name: "Tioga" - meaning: "Road Traveler"
Owners: Charles & Dawn Lindsay


Bo's Gray Lady (Mouse)
Owner of Horse : Jamie Connolly
Rider  Name : Jamie Connolly
Paso Fino

This is Sheeba, she is 8 years old. She is bred back with a spotted black and white saddle horse.  She is a pleasure to just trail ride and is very loved.

Windy Morming Sunrise. 
 7 month old SSH

This picture was taken winter, 2001.
Daphne Klebacher
Lyles, TN

1/2 Rocky Mountain and 1/2 Arabian

Kiesha is 4 years old, a very loving disposition
Stabled at Three Ridge Farm in Moscow, OHIO
Owner/trainer: Walter Webster

Silver Dapple Icelandic Stallion

- owned by Ken and Judy Roberts
lives in Chandler, Arizona 
where the temperatures go way over 100.

Peruvian Paso

Heather Lewis and PK Victor 
a four year old Peruvian Paso gelding. 
We trail ride a lot and she's found out just how sweet 
Victor can be on the trails. 
Taken 27 Jan 2002 at Hodges Gardens, LA..

Part TWH
Shiloh Tennessee 
5year old gelding

and owner B.J. Proffer. 
Taken July,2001 at first show.
Shiloh was featured in the Oct. 1998 issue of Western Horseman magazine as a yearling for an example for the 
Part Walking Horse Assc. 

Senator's Mon Cher.
TWH mare. 

She is 13 years old. 
We are in a wild west parade in this picture. 

This is the best horse ive ever owned. From the day I got her I have been able to hop on and go ANYWHERE I want. She is always willing to do just about anything. She is so gentle even the kids can ride her. I wouldn't give her up for the world!! Owned by Roxanne


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