Sgt Pepper
Sargent Pepper

Well gaited 3 year old stallion in Bend, Oregon. 
A delight to be around. Owned by Rob and Gaila Noel.

Another Zane
Missouri Fox Trotter

and Beth Sloke at a Halloween playday.
We were dressed up in a midievil costume, along with Zane being a unicorn! He is almost 20 and likes to act like a greenbroke 3 year old.. but he's a lot of fun to ride!
The Elegy Legacy
He is a 2 1/2 yr old TWH

Owned by  Shannon Graff, Pennsylvannia

American Saddlebred
3 years old
Owned by Samantha Mitchell

This is my gelding Dreamer, he is wonderful and absolutely gorgious. 

Spotted Saddle Stud
10 yr old 

Camden, Tn.   Birdsong Trailride
Joan Ann Cochran



'High Country'
Racking Mule

    16h,  5yr old,  Horse Mule
Camden, Tn. Birdsong Trailride
Joan Ann Cochran


Paso Fino Mare and her Spotted Saddle Colt

Check out the HEART on his forehead !
Camden, Tn.  Birdsong Trailride
Joan Ann Cochran


Sabrina de Siempre Verde
Sabrina is a 4 year old Paso Fino mare.

She is owned by Janette Quinn and her neice Krysten Quinn who live in Bangor, Maine. Sabrina is a very versatile little horse.  We have taught her to drive and jump!  She loves to jump.  The picture shown here, shows 13.1h Sabrina schooling over a 2' jump. 

Black Gold's Jester

rider: Bernie Sinner 
Taken on the Maah Daah Hey Trail....
Medora, ND   Aug. 2001



 Reg TWH's,
the mare's name is Sun's Lady Malana
and the filly's name is Senator's Angel Baby.

The mare is Black and the filly is a black bay, the mare is 12yrs old and the filly is1month. Owned by  Joyce Sport 


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