Icelandic Gelding

Rider is Cory Lobato,
owned by Holly Mitchell of Two Bit Farm.

This picture was taken at the Gaited Horse Expo, CO, Sept. 1999. The ribbons are from all-breed classes as well as Icelandics only classes. Cory began riding 2 years ago with Horse Force, 
a non-profit program for low-income kids to ride.

7 Year Old TWH gelding

Ridden by Eric Gellman 
this team has been in the ribbons 
every time in the lite shod division.

Missouri Fox Trotter

This is Nameless and Doreen
on a trailride in Kentucky in the Fall.

He was about 8 years old in the Photo.

Near Dark
Tennessee Walking Horse

Near Dark is a bay 11 year old Tennessee Walking Horse that is 
owned by Shayna Shaw

Muscle Man
nickname "Satan"
 Spotted Saddle Horse

with Dale Fox  of Venus, Pa. Satan is
a 12 yr. old Spotted Saddle Horse (registered).
He is the sweetest thing on 4 legs. 
Loves to be fussed over. Gaits all day, no sweat. 

I'm A Class Act
Her nickname is "Lacey."   Both her sire & her dam 
are World Champions.  Janice Handel raised this mare here at their facility in California & she have been enjoying riding her ever since. Lacey is a sweet gentle mare that 
holds a special place in Janice's heart.

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