Valur Sunrise Ride

Back in May, I stayed with Anneliese Virro at Unicorn Valley Icelandics for about  6 weeks. I was there helping her train some young mares and colts. It was a wonderful stay and I learned a lot from
the horses I worked with, sometimes I think even more than they learned from me!

I remember the whole time I was there,  I wanted to get up before the sun, hop on Valur (Anneliese's wonderful gelding and my favourite Icelandic) and ride to the high pasture, and watch the sun rise up over the beautiful Kentucky landscape.So I finally was able to drag out of bed, at 5
am and sneak out the door, trying not to wake anyone. I was in my pajamas still, but I didn't care. It
was pitch black out side and I tried not to trip over the 2 fillies snoozing in the yard as I stumbled through the dark. 

Finally I found my way to Valur (Thank goodness he is gray or I never would have!), who was lying down under a tree, and gave him a big hug. He reluctantly got to his feet and I slipped the bridle on him. I didn't want to miss the sunrise so I quickly hopped on his back and off we went. He was
ready to go. The crisp morning air gave him energy and he put everything he had into going up that hill. 

We finally reached the top but I wanted to get to the perfect spot, so we had to ride through a few pastures. It was a dim light outside by now and there was mist everywhere. It was so beautiful. I
asked Valur to speed up and we began to canter across the hills. Eventually that canter turned into a
gallop and I just let him go. A few deer emerged from the mist and leaped along side of us and then went there own ways. I slowed Valur back down to a walk and we rode on in the beautiful silence.

Finally we reached the spot. A rise in the hill overlooking the valleys and fields. You could see forever! It was so beautiful, the mist settling all around the trees and over the small creeks. And
then the sun began to come up. I just laid on Valur and let him graze while I soaked in the breathtaking colours. I never wanted to forget that moment. It was my little bit of heaven. It's amazing how the simplest things that happen everyday, can really make an impression on you if you take the time to watch them.

I hate getting  up early, but I wouldn't have missed that ride for anything! We rode back to the barn and I brushed Valur for a good 40 minutes, and then when on to the rest of my chores. I wish
I could start my day like that everyday!