Breed of Horse: Mountain Pleasure Horse

  I own a Mountain Pleasure Horse by the name of Double Star. We bought this horse with the intention of my riding him for a couple of years then passing him on to our son Travis who was eight at the time. We thought then they would both be a little older,wiser and more experienced but this wasn't to be the case. Due to Doubles' gentle nature and willingness to please regardless of the job we went ahead and put our son on a two year old.

  Double Star has a real love for children, he will follow my son around anywhere. All Travis has to do is go to the field and Double Star will be there. When we ride, Travis likes to fiind his own paths he calls it exploring, this young horse will leave the rest of the horses and go any where my son takes him. When I working at the barn I'll put the saddle on Double Star, get Travis in the  saddle and off they go. Double doesn't even care that he eats later and works now. He takes care of my son and I never have to worry about him spooking or doing anything that would endanger Travis at anytime. When we cross creeks sometimes he doesn't like where Travis wants to go and will step over a step or two but he never refuses to go. He judges trees and has never run my sons' leg into anything, if they get behind on a trail ride he doesn't try to catch up he waits for Travis to tell hem it's ok  then he gaits on up the trail.

  As a three year old we weren't able to ride because of very heavy work schedules so we decieded to send Double Star down to Kentucky were they could keep him rode for a while.

  While there he got to compete in the fall Mountain Pleasure Horse Show where he and Sarah got a third and a fourth not to bad for first time in a show ring. Then the next weekend finds him packing the state flag beside his Dad for the Govenor of Kentucky at the Powell County Parade. These horses were surrounded by noice from firetruck horns, sirens to bands and spectators. Not to mention the childern dashing into the street for candy(at times almost under their feet). Please remember that this horse is still only a three year old and never made a move to look at anything.

  The next day he's on the Ozark Mountain Ride With The Stars where Don West rides him for a week. Don used him for most of the clinics and all the trail rides,plus he rode bareback most of the time.   Then he has another parade the day we arrive to take him home, again he gets to walk proud beside his Dad.

  If any of you have been to the Equitana and the Gaited Horse Review then you have seen his Dad. He is the big beautiful golden palomino Mountain Pleasure Horse, Goldfinger Star. He often represnts the breed and does so beautifully every time.

  These are a rare breed even though they are able to trace their existance back 160 years . They remain very hard to find and harder to buy because anyone lucky enough to have one doesn't sell. They are known for their babysitter despostions and gentle natures. The smile on my sons face because he can get his horse to gait is worth a thousand words.

Linda Steele