Gaited Horses


Icelandic Foals at Hafsteinsstadir

"Annandale's Zeus" 
a Tiger Horse Stud Colt that was born 10 days ago. 

"Lil' Miss Novita" Paso Fino filly 
born May 13, 1999

Raudblesa fra Curtis, Icelandic Filly 
born 6/14/99

"Jack" a Morgan foal born 4/10/99
Owned by Rose & Don Prohaska
of BuckSnort Morgans

Prins fra Curtis, Icelandic Colt 
born 6/21/99

Prins fra Curtis, Icelandic Colt
born 6/21/99

Arte'  Peruvian Paso stud colt born 3/22/99

TWH/SSH stud colt born 3/20/99
Owned by Linda Lashley

"Nanna fra Curtis" Icelandic Filly
born 5/4/99 at Curtis Icelandic Horse Ranch

"Gifta fra Curtis", Icelandic foal born 5/26/99
at Curtis Icelandic Horse Ranch

Icelandic Foal, born at Langhus farm
Owned by Arnthrudur Heimisdottir or "Luka"

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