Gaited Horses


Pride Of The Bayou
Breed     TWH
Owner Valerie Kleinheitz
Trueno de Catalan ("Thunder")
Breed: Paso Fino - 3 days old
Owners name: Jeff and Pascale Smith

JyW Azafran 
     Breed:  Peruvian Paso  Horse 
     Owners  JyW Coyote Creek Ranch 
(Drs. Alice M. Wolf and James H. Johnson)  

Cappy's Litl Bita Goldust...(Dusty) 
Breed.... Rocky Mountain Horse 
Owner....Seven Oaks Farm

Zanesation's Lady Lily
Born 5-10-01 out of Champagne Mare
BREED:  Missouri Fox Trotter
OWNER:  Merv & Diane Reichle
Conley's Proud Man..(Rowdy) 
Breed...Rocky Mountain Horse 
Owner...Seven Oaks Farm

Chief's Montana Mistral  
TWH filly out of Gll's Sun CHief and Sundance's Marigold.
Foaled 5-20-2001. 
Owned by Lyle & Grace Larson of Forsyth,Montana.
Harvest Ball Belle
Sire: War Rapid Refund
Reg. Missouri Fox Trotter
Strawberry roan & white spotted colt
Foaled 3-30-01
Rock N Horse Fox Trotters

Dixie Darlin' Reg. Spotted Saddle Horse    
Sire: Willy B Rowdy Blue papered Missouri Fox Trotter
Non Reg. Missouri Fox Trotter
Possible chocolate palomino - shedding will tell all!
Foaled 3-14-01
Rock N Horse Fox Trotters
Serenity BCB
Sire: Foxfire's Rowdy Gold
Reg. Missouri Fox Trotter
Foaled 4-24-01
Rock N Horse Fox Trotters

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