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How to Train Your Gaited Horse

Beverly has put together easy to understand methods which WORK when riding Gaited Horses! Beverly has owned and trained Gaited Horses for over 30 years. Her No-nonsense approach to training and riding is explained in easy terms with illustrations to clarify the methods for the reader.

The Training book covers:

    * Guidelines to use to develop your training skills and how to apply them to your horse.
    * Recognizing gait.
    * Structure that predispositions gait.
    * Choosing a Bit.
    * Equipment for training.
    * Specific exercises and lesson plans to condition a horse to gait.
    * Refining elements of gait.
    * And MUCH MORE!

If you are new to gaited horses you will also want How to Ride Your Gaited Horse. This is the first in a series on methods which WORK when riding Gaited Horses! This is a 54 page manual to apply proven methods to use when riding gaited horses.

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