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Breeders of world class Walkaloosa, Tiger Horses, Paso Fino and Spanish Jennet horses for competition, show,trail, stud and pleasure.  Fairwind Farms has horses from inutero to aged available for buyers with discriminating taste,  please contact us to find the right horse for you! Here at Atigrado Acres we are in the unique position of having two of the premier Atigrado Stallions to utilize in reestablishing the Spanish Jennet and Tiger Horse. We offer these stallions at public stud to allow breeders to become part of the foundation of a breed. These stallions both exhibit "High Color" in the Lp pattern, enabling them to transmit the Lp gene to their offspring a high percentage of the time. They both exhibit the Paso gaits, and sound, healthy and of exceptional temperament. We invite you to join us in returning the Spanish Jennet, Tiger Horse  to its rightful position as the premier mount of those who appreciate fine horses.   http://atigradoacres.com/

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