Tennessee Walking Horse


We at Lone Oak Farm,  J N K Reproductions aim at producing foals of excellent disposition and conformation, with the natural ability to give you a great ''glide ride'' and look good doing it. Located in Kentucky we have plenty of room for them to run and play, growing up strong and healthy. The foals having been handled from birth are very gentle and people loving. Our horses are bred with a goal of being wonderful trail horses that are safe on the trail and well gaited enough to be winners in the show ring. We show both Trail Pleasure and Versatility with TWHBEA, SSHBEA, UMH and FOSH.

In 2003 we added a wonderful Golden Champagne stallion to our Family, Generator’s Hurricane is registered TWHBEA and KMSHA, his first foals will arrive this spring and will be offered for sale.

If there is anything that we can say about these wonderful breeds, or our horses in general please contact us. We love to talk horses, both ours and yours! 


We Breed, Raise, Train, Show, Sell and most of all “LOVE” our horses!
Located in the heart of the Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse 
Shelbyville, Tennessee!
Gail Flanagan, breeder
Boyd Melton, Trainer/Judge
Betty Kirk, breeder
Bill Carter , transportation
931-684-8172   e-mail: tenwalkers2000@aol.com
"We have a superior selection (at least 15 horses) of smooth, gentle, and trail savvy Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale at all times.  Any horse here is a proven trail horse. No show horses, no sale barn rejects.  We bring horses out of Tennessee every 6 weeks so our selection is worth your time to visit our farm north of Winchester, Va. 

We specialize in easy to gait horses of unique color, with loving personalities. You'll look great on the trail riding a well behaved Palomino, Buckskin, Blue Roan, or Tobiano (Spotted) beauty.

If I don't have what you want, I can find it. We lived in Tennessee for 8 years and can find a sound sane smooth gaited horse better than most folks can. 

Each sale comes with actual trail rides and lessons with our fun, experienced, and horse savvy staff.  Up to 30 days of board after each sale, bit and bridle come with the sale along with several weeks trial at your farm with the option of returning the horse and trading for another of comparable value.  We can assist in delivering your new horse, have guest rooms for actual buyers so as to take your time and get to know all our horses for sale.  We are looking to place a horse in a home for life. "

Walking-After-Midnight Farm
Cross Junction, Va at the very top of the state of Virginia.

Promoting Top Quality, Sound, Naturally Gaited, Well Trained Tennessee Walking Horses.

"If it ain't broke...we won't sell it!"
Dream Walker Ranch offers  you only the finest Tennessee Walking Horses. Our well trained, naturally gaited Tennessee Walking horses are guaranteed sound.

Our Tennessee Walking Horses are well cared for, perform &  drug free.  They have a natural four beat gait.  We do not use any special shoes or devices, our horses are all natural and flat shod. 
Our Tennessee Walkers are very broke and calm.  We have Tennessee Walking Horses for sale for beginner riders on up. 
We pride ourselves on our reputation of "as advertised horses." 
When you come out to visit us you can expect the horses to behave exactly as described.  That is why we have so many happy customers and repeat customers.  Honesty, quality and paramount customer service are the foundation of our business  and the substance of our reputation.   Our horses only leave us to become  family members.

"It has to be the right horse for the right rider", that is our creed.

Here at Dream Walkers we will tell you everything we know about our horses. We have nothing to hide and everything to show.  Honesty is our #1 policy.  Full disclosure.  We want you to be ecstatic with your Dream Walker.

Get ready to be impressed.  We match exceptional horses with wonderful people!

 Dream Walker Ranch
Website: www.dreamwalkerhorses.com
(702) 468-0915

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