Gaited Horses Member Sites are available to people and farms interested in becoming part of the largest resource on-line for Gaited Horses!

How it works:
Gaited Horses STATS show that we are rapidly becoming a source for the Gaited Horse community on-line. Think of Gaited Horses as the "Mall" storefront verses the single store. People will be more likely to shop where the selection and resources are greatest. Gaited Horses will be the gaited horse enthusiasts site for "One Stop Shopping".

Attaching your site to Gaited Horses will help ensure you get results.  Becoming a Gaited Horses Member Site site allows you to reach not only the people who already own a specific breed who will be coming here for the educational and interesting articles about their breed, but also those thousands more equestrians, who aren't yet committed to one breed that come to our site every month! The Member sites allow you to have 2 Mb of space on the Gaited Horses server. Our site is being indexed and spidered by the search engines on a regular basis, it would force the spidering of the information on your member site as well.

If you already have a website, you can simply load a duplicate of your site to the server or create a whole new one If you do not have a website, we have Affordable Templates to get you online in as little as 14 days with a professional website.

Sites will be set up as Member names cannot be duplicated!

How much it costs:
Keep in mind that becoming part of the Gaited Horses Community on-line not only simplifies the marketing process but also reduces overhead!
Member site fees are only $85.00 a year.

What you Get:

What to do:
For those interested in placing a reservation, Member Site names can be reserved for $25.00 the $60.00 balance to be paid within 30 days, prior to the site being turned on.
Fill out this form, then send check or Money Order to:
P.O. Box 54
Waynesboro, GA 30830
Reservation will be void if funds are not received within 5 business days!


*First Name

*Last Name
*Email Make SURE it is CORRECT!

Farm Name

*Street Address
*Phone Number
The Gaited Horses Member sites will be available on a first come, first served basis. As long as that Member site is up to date on their yearly fees, it will never again be available to anyone else.

Please enter the name under which you would like to have your Gaited Horses Member site listed.

You need to list three choices, in the order of preference. You will be assigned the name that is available based on your order of preference.
There can be NO SPACES or Underscores! or WILL work,
but will NOT work!

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*Third Choice

For information on Affordable Templates to get you online in as little as 14 days with a professional website CLICK HERE