Mangalarga Marchador

Summerwind Marchadors is absolutely committed to establishing the Mangalarga Marchador breed.  We preserve and protect the integrity of the breed through adherence to the same strict breeding inspection and approval process the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador Association (ABCCMM) uses.   We also practice and promote natural horsemanship - in horse care, hoof care, herd management and training.

Brazil's National Horse, the Marchador averages 15H and is of medium build. They come in many colors: bay, black, buckskin, chestnut, grey, palomino, pinto, roan and more. Every horse has been bred for centuries to a high standard for conformation, gait and temperament AND IT SHOWS!!  Expect to be impressed!

 Our SW Future Foals Program offers a unique opportunity to design the Marchador you've always wanted. Selective, responsible breeding at its very best -- you choose the Stallion and Mare from our designer catalog of horses and we'll produce the foal for you.  In 2009, we will add CHAMPION Brazilian stallions to our roster by importing frozen semen from Brazil.

 Our SW Breeder Sponsorship Program helps new breeders get started with this rare breed in North America.   Financial help, education about the Marchador and breeding, online marketing help are all components of our program.


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