Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

We at J N K Reproductions aim at producing foals of excellent disposition and conformation, with the natural ability to give you a great smooth ride and look good doing it. Located in Kentucky we have plenty of room for them to run and play, growing up strong and healthy. The foals having been handled from birth are very gentle and people loving. Our horses are bred with a goal of being wonderful trail horses that are safe on the trail and well gaited enough to be winners in the show ring. We show both Trail Pleasure and Versatility with TWHBEA, SSHBEA, UMH and FOSH. Breeders and Exhibitioners of World Champion Power’s Big Easy FOSH and Owners of Patches Pride Of Ebony World Champion SMH Trail Pleasure.

In 2003 we added a wonderful Golden Champagne stallion to our Family, Generator’s Hurricane is registered KMSHA and TWHBEA, his first foals will arrive this spring and will be offered for sale.

The KMSHA now registers SMH (Spotted Mountain Horse) a wonderful way to show your Natural Gaited spotted horses. If there is anything that we can say about these wonderful breeds, or our horses in general please contact us. We love to talk horses, both ours and yours!

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