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Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans are embellished with Morgan temperament and conformation using the best gaited Morgan stock from the past. We have horses which have been shown in demonstrations and in open gaited breed classes where they have won ribbons. Additionally Jellico Morgans are being used on the trails, working cattle and as breeding stock for future Gaited Morgans.  The signature gait of these horses is the "singlefoot", but they may also do a variety of intermediate gaits between the walk and canter. These gaits can include: 

    * Stepping Pace - an uneven 1-2 3-4 beat
    * Running Walk - an even 1-2-3-4 beat
    * Foxtrot - the only diagonal gait and is an uneven 1-2 3-4 beat
    * Finally there is what some call the "singlefoot"/saddle gait/rack - one hoof only at certain phases of the gait is on the ground and this is an even interval 1-2-3-4 beat gait. This is the gait Jellico Farms is striving to achieve with our breeding program. 

We usually have young stock available for purchase.  Please visit our website or call and schedule a visit.

Jellico Farms
Gary & Sondra Seibert
Shelbyville, KY
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Morgans Do It All!
Performing gaits in demand by the trail and endurance rider, gaited Morgans are becoming an ever popular choice for riders as they become more available.  In preservation of, and with great intent, the gaited Morgans at Missouri Morgans are bred to be gaited and to carry on the genetics of gait.  These gaited Morgans are excellent representations of beautiful Morgan type, and can be used in a variety of disciplines from cattle work and cross country, trail and pleasure, to dressage.  Our stallions stands ready to serve the growing, undeniable gaited Morgan market and offers to produce smoother gaits in the offspring or your mare.  Here at Missouri Morgans you will find newborn foals, yearlings, and 2 year olds, for sale, and we even offer 3 seasoned gaited geldings to choose from.


Montreal, Missouri near beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri.

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