Human Interest Stories!
With Gaited Horses.

Sugar's Foal

Calm and Quiet, That's My Sugar!
BY Jackie. Richardson

The temperament and innate calmness of the Curlies has never been shown so well than in the instance of my mare "Sugar". 

Sugar had reached her "Foaling Window" and was stalled so as to be close at hand so I could check her. I wanted to imprint the foal. She was very close to foaling so my husband went to check on her shortly after we had left her confined in the stall. 

It was a good thing!

Sugar had laid close to the stall wall and had managed to push her foot through the stall wall! 

The native oak had her foot firmly imprisoned, she was STUCK! 

The mare HUGELY bloated from her late term pregnancy was calmly laying on her side waiting for SOMEONE to release her! Having seen horses struggle when they were hung up, I feared the worse, she could harm my husband by thrashing around, harm her unborn foal or tear her leg apart on the gaping boards! 

But NOT my SUGAR! My husband had to go locate the tools to free her, she just waited patiently.  He had to use a drill with a screwdriver attachment to loosen the screws in the board to get her foot out, she wasn't upset by the whirling of the drill! Through the whole process she just laid quietly and waited. 

Finally he got her foot out and she still couldn't get up because she'd worked herself too close to the fence! He had to grab her legs and roll her completely over so she could get up! Sugar let him do so without so much as a twitch!  When she was clear and free she got up and was just fine... just tore a little hair off her pastern!  Sugar had her bouncing baby boy the next morning... both were fine. 

And OF COURSE  both have that marvelous Curly temperament!