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Gaited Mules
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For years high quality gaited mules have been much-sought-after in the United States. Until recently, however, Gaited mules have been relatively unmarketed in the Gaited Horse Community. Gaited mares produce wonderful mules with a smooth, ground covering, easy to ride gait and a remarkably docile nature.

A growing interest in gaited mules has caused much diversification in the gaited mule breeding.

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World Champion Ramblin Rose and rider,
Doug Waugh in the warm up pen at the International Livestock Expo,
Mule and Donkey Congress held in Springfield Illinois 
Since it began in 1945, the National Tournament of Peruvian Paso Horses offered classes for  Peruís Paso mules. Peruvians had ambling donkeys with exceptionally
 high quality gaits, and these were the key to producing laterally gaited mules. Unfortunately, they were scarce, expensive and very small. North America, too, has laterally gaited donkeys, and a high quality lateral gait is reliably transmitted to mules produced by crossing these with Peruvian Paso horses and other gaited breeds.

A mule is a cross resulting from a Donkey Jack (Stud) and a horse mare.  Because Mules are a cross between Two different Species, they are Sterile meaning they can not reproduce. One reason mules cannot reproduce is because they lack functioning reproductive equipment. The males don't produce sperm capable of fertilizing an egg. The male germ cells which eventually become sperm are either missing or degenerate to the point where complete mobile sperm production is virtually impossible. The few sperm which have been observed were deformed and immobile. Examination of the tissue in the testis also showed a lack of chromosomal pairing necessary for normal sperm production. In the female mules and hinnies ovulation is vary rare. Same as with the male mule, there is an almost complete lack of germ cells in the female ovaries.

A Gaited mule looks somewhat like both its parents. The head resembles both, with the ears shaped like the horses but MUCH longer. The eyes are more almond shaped. The neck is straight with little arch, even from crosses with horses known for an upright neck and arch.

Contrary to popular belief, mules are not stubborn unless they are ill treated. They naturally have a attach to people and very smart.  They are extremely hardy animals that are not very susceptible to disease.  They can take a much larger work load than horses and are not as likely to suffer from being overworked  Saddle fit has to be addressed carefully don't try and fit a horse saddle on a mule, they hurt the mule's back. They have long Ears, short manes, and small feet like Donkeys, but like horses they are large with well shaped, muscular bodies.  They make a sound that is half whinny and half the bray like Donkeys. 

Since Gaited mules are half horse they can usually do any gait the gaited horse can plus
the donkey has a amble (fast walk). Consistent production of gaited mules is almost assured when both the jack and the horse are gaited. Gaited mules can perform more than two gaits, they canter too! 

The American Gaited Mule Association  (not-for-profit) was founded in 1994. One of their goals is to educate the public on the virtues of the gaited mule.

  P.O. Box 764
  Shelbyville, TN 37160

Walking & Racking Mule Association
(706) 342-1037, or write W.R.M.A., c/o Amy McLean,
3600 Fairplay Road, Madison, GA 30650

The American Donkey and Mule Society( has the fact on history.)

North American Saddle Mule Association (this means riddable mules just not


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