Custom Pages at Affordable Rates!
A horse breeding farm is a business. Just like any other business, you have to have a good product, high standards of production and great customer service to be successful. BUT all those qualities in your gaited horse farm business have to be brought to the publics attention. Businesses set aside a percentage of their income for advertisement. This is where the horse businesses often make their mistake, not enough advertising or not the "right" advertising. 
Many breeders feel they can't afford to invest in an internet presence, in reality they can't afford not to. ONE month of training fee, ONE stud fee or a single horse sold from an internet presence can cover a years worth of exposure! 
Every day thousands of new people go "online". IF they are equestrians one of the first things they do is try to find horse sites on the net. MANY of these folks are potential customers for breedings, purchasers of horse or services. 
After the initial investment of the construction of the Web Page for your farm, the monthly fee is less than the cost of running one ad a week in a local newspaper. And NO newspaper can match the demographics, circulation or delivery of the internet. The great thing about it is the internet just continues to grow and your business can grow along with it! 
If you come online during our Site Launching Specials the prices are for one year online, no monthly fees will apply! 
We can custom design a page or a whole site well within your budget. 
We have standard and customized web packages to suit anyone needs. 
Sites can be uploaded to the server of your choice, or hosted on Gaited Horses. All sited hosted on Gaited Horses include a link in our Farm Directory. 
There are many details that make a web presence successful. Meta tag encoding, search engine upload, page optimizing, page layout, etc. etc. We are a full service web site designer, all these details will be handled upon the completion of your page or site. 
A web site is like a store address, if no one can find you, you don't get much traffic. Attention to the search engine encoding and attaching your site to Gaited Horses will help ensure you get results. Think of Gaited Horses as the "Mall" storefront verses the single store. People will be more likely to shop where the selection and resources are greatest. Gaited Horses will be the gaited horse enthusiasts site for "One Stop Shopping". 
Isn't it time YOU got online
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