The Mountain Pleasure Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association, Incorporated 

(MPHBEA) is a new registry dedicated to promoting, preserving, and enhancing the breeding and showing of the breed from the bloodline of the "Old Mountain Horse" of Eastern Kentucky.  The MPHBEA is a product of those persons who wish to see the Mtn. Horse recognized outside the Kentucky area.  This breed is too wonderful to be kept a secrete.  The goal is to promote this outstanding breed through public awareness, by member involvement & input & lastly to bring the horse to a national show horse status.  Foundation books are now open for registration. 
Color is not a criteria for this association.  All horses must be registered and DNA Tested to ensure purity of the breed (MPHBEA is the first Mountain Horse Organization to conduct DNA Testing).  Stallions must be a minimum of 14.2 hands, mares & geldings are to be at least 14.0.

Horses must demonstrate a natural four beat gait in order to be registered.  The MPHBEA is a not-for-profit corporation; incorporated and registered in the Commonwealth of KY.

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