We have JUST put together a new incentive program for Breeders of Gaited Horses. This averages about $8.60 a week in investment, less than it would cost you to run an ad in your local text only classifieds! It will result in a professional image online for your farm.

If you do not promote your farm WHO WILL?

Recap of what you get in the Breeders Package. 

  • We will move to or build your site on Gaited Horses, the url will be once it is turned on. You can choose your site style from the Gaited Horses Templates . A 199.95 Value!
    • Available at Additional Fees: Inserting a photo $10.00 per photo, includes scanning and optimizing for load rate.
    • Logo's can be used in templates, fees quoted individually. 
    • If you choose to renew, it would be $180.00 for the next 6 months or $300.00 for an additional year.
  • You will be placed at all resource locations for the term that you keep the breeders pkg., under the proper header, I.E.    Breeder, Trainer, etc.. (a normal $20.00 per location fee)
  • We will make a custom banner for your use on the Gaited Horses site. (Normal charges from $35-$65.00)
  • You will be in the Banner ad rotation on the Stallion Service Listing page of the site for 6 months. Additional time is available for $35.00 for each 3 months (at this time) (normal $70.00 fee)
  • A Gaited Horses Business Gold Membership is included in the Breeders Package. This will entitle you to the  GHGG Members to discounts on the Photo Classified Ad fees, The Photo Classifieds get over 900 hits daily! Giving you a year listing in the Index of Gaited Horse Farms , with a banner in the rotation on that page. (normal $40.00 fee)
  • Rotation Banner in the Gaited Horses UPDATES! A newsletter mailing to a list of over 6,000 subscribed members to our updates. (normal $55 fee)

The $450.00 a year fee is for the site to be moved or built, and all the above. Site will reside on the server for one year term for this fee. Renewal at same fee guaranteed if you renew in 6 months for an additional year, otherwise it is subject to change based on the site stats. 

You will also take part in the Gaited Horses Featured Site, each site hosted on Gaited Horses will have the opportunity to be the Weekly Featured Site ( announced in the newsletter sent out to over 6,000 Gaited Horses enthusiasts), with a link off the front page of Gaited Horses to your main page. With Gaited Horses front page generating an average of 2000 pageviews a day, that is certain to increase your traffic! 


Order Breeders PKG


To Order the Breeders Pkg

You will have to complete some steps to facilitate getting your Breeders PKG online.

  1. If you do not have a website or you already have one but wish to use the template sites for your new site in the breeders Pkg. CLICK HERE and choose the style of template you wish to use. READ THESE GUIDELINES   You will be completing the information at this link within the next 5 days.
  2. If you already have a website that you wish transferred to the Gaited Horse Server CLICK HERE and send an email in which you send the COMPLETE URL to the existing site you wish transferred.
  3. REMIT PAYMENT Work will not commence on your Breeders PKG until payment has been received in good funds. The fee for the Breeders pkg is $450.00. This fee in the form of a check or money order is to be mailed to:
We will be contacting you to begin work on your custom banner style and to establish which resources you will be needing to be listed under.