North American Single-Footing Horse

The North American Single-Footing Horse Association was formed in January of 1991 by members of an all-gaited horse trail riding club. The breed is being developed, owned, bred, and judged by trail riders for the qualities pleasure trail, competition trail, working trail, and versatility owners need and want.

North American Single-Footing Horses come in all sizes and all colors and color patterns including many unusual ones. NASHA places emphasis on a natural, even or nearly even 4 beat gait as the intermediate gait. Also they feel that smoothness in gait through a wide range of speeds is desirable, with a smooth transition from the walk to the intermediate gait. Horses registered with NASHA may be registered with another association or the result of custom crosses.

Coral LaCE is a Foundation Sire of the 
   North American Single Footing Horse .

The Single-Footing Horse is a light breed of good conformation, attractive in appearance, and smooth riding. The ideal gait is a near evenly timed 4 beat intermediate gait which gives an exceptionally smooth ride at speeds from 5 to over 20 miles per hour. Many of these horses are also able to perform other smooth riding gaits as well. What makes the single-footing gait unique? Ideally the gait is an intermediate 4 beat gait and is very near even in timing. It can be performed at a huge range of speeds. From a relaxed trail speed of 7 to 9 mph, to a ground eating road gait speed of 12 to 15 mph, to the breathtaking racing single-foot (and the speed at which the name "single-footing" comes from) of over 20 mph. At the fastest speeds these horses will be traveling with one foot on the ground at a time, thus the name "single-footing". Some horses will start single-footing at a road gait speed and others at racing speed. Either is correct. While the ideal horse will remain as close as possible to even timing at all speeds, the reality is that at top speeds these horses tend toward a more lateral timing. We do not want to see horses that are near a dead pace at speed and do not consider this single-footing. Speed is characteristic of this gait, but speed at the intermediate gait for the sake of speed with improper form is not a goal. This makes for a weak gaited saddle horse and that is exactly what NASHA wants to avoid.

The registry stresses other qualities as  important such as endurance, a tractable, willing temperament with a natural "want to work" attitude, common sense, the working conformation to hold up to years of service, maximum smoothness at all speeds and a good range in gait.

In stressing the natural gait and performance, the Association penalizes forced unnatural performances with severe or artificial devices. Use of these methods are cause for immediate suspension from NASHA.

North American Single-Footing Horse Association