The Mountain Pleasure Horse
General Conformation Requirements

The general conformation of the Mountain Pleasure Horse is described in the bylaws of the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association as follows: 

  1. The height of the horse will be no less than 58 inches (14.2 hands) at the withers. 
  2. The horse should have medium sized bones, with medium feet in proportion to the body. 
  3. The horse should have a wide and deep chest. 
  4. The fore and hind legs should be free of noticeable deformity. 
  5. The shoulders should be sloping, ideally with an angle of 45 degrees. 
  6. The horse should have bold eyes and well shaped ears, with a face which is neither dished nor protruding. 
  7. The head should be medium sized, in proportion to the body, with medium sized jaws. 
  8. The neck should be gracefully arched, medium in length and set in at an angle to allow a natural carriage with a break at the poll. 
  9. Any solid body color is acceptable, however spotted Mountain Pleasure Horses are not encouraged by the association for breeding or showing. 
To be eligible for registration, the horse must meet registration rules concerning conformation as follows: 
  1. Any body color is acceptable, however, spotted Mountain Pleasure Horses are not encouraged by the association for breeding or showing. Standard recognized colors of the Mountain Pleasure Horse include, but are not limited to, bay, black, chestnut/sorrel, roan, gray cremello, buckskin, palomino, and chocolate. 
  2. Horses must be at least 14.2 hands (58 inches) tall at the withers prior to inspection and being permanently registered. 
  3. Horses must demonstrate the recognized gait under saddle. The recognized gait is defined as follows:

  4. An evenly spaced, four beat lateral gait with moderate forward speed and extension, without exaggerated knee or hock action. The gait should be smooth, supple, cadenced and animated with the horse collected and balanced and exhibiting symmetry in flexion and extension. 
  5. Horses must exhibit good disposition. 

  6. Horses must exhibit a reasonable amount of "eye appeal". 

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