Alabama 3 year old American Saddlebred ridden in broken bit and western saddle in pasture by medium level rider.

Question: my horse named Dolly will go into her little trot but it gets bumpy at times or when I make her go a little faster. I am ridding western and do not know whether I should change to english or can you ride either way. Can you help me make her have a smother gait? 

From Panelists Laura

You can probably ride your saddlebred either way, english or western.  Do 
whichever you prefer.  When your youngster is going in her smooth gait, 
praise her and keep her at the speed where she is smoothest.  If she speeds 
up a little & gets rough, slow her down slightly until it smoothes out.  
Again, praise her when she is smooth.  Work her mostly in this smooth gait.  
When she speeds up and gets rough, she is probably trotting which is a 
natural gait for her.  You can either sit the trot, post with it, or stand up 
in the stirrups - your choice.  


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