Tennessee, 3 1/2  walking/and racking bred ridden in broken gag bit with cutback, flat seat saddle in ring, and hallway of barn by experienced rider.

When I first purchased my horse, his racking gait was very smooth, 
after we had his pads reset, he started getting rough and pacey.  I am 
currently just flat walking him trying to square him up, but I am still 
having to use heavy chains on him to make him rack now, of course we all know 
that you cannot use chains on a racking horse and I need to learn a humane 
trick to use in the shows to make him smooth, besides just lead weights.  
Also,  he is using his back end fairly well, but I want more , could you 
offer me some advice on putting a better back end on him for the shows.  
Thanks for your help!

From Panelist Laura 
If the horse became rough after a reset, I would assume that something was 
changed either in the angle or length of foot that is affecting his gait.  
Try to maintain the hoof angle as close to the natural pastern angle as 
possible.   I am not familiar with using pads & chains and couldn't give you 
advice on what to do with them, other than take them off and see what you can 
do with a natural horse. 


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