Wyoming 10 year old Tennessee Walker, ridden in a solid mouthpiece and cheeks in ortho-flex, australian stock saddle by intermediate rider

Question: I bought a lovely little unregistered Tennessee Walker mare a  few years ago and have been considering breeding her since she is such a  pleasure to ride and has produced at least one foal that I know of that  is quite nice.  She was a bit pacey (particularly on the downhill) when  I first got her, but since she has gotten into better shape and started  to collect some she is doing a nice running walk.  

Since the mare is not  registered(and I have no papers or history of any kind on her) I am
considering breeding her to a Fresian stallion of good looks and  wonderful disposition that is just 18 miles down the road.  I have always been fascinated by Fresian horses, and this stud is handy and handsome.  Would I be highly unlikely to get a smooth-gaited horse from a TWH/Fresian cross?  I am thinking that the high trotting action of the  Fresian is what is likely to come through.  Any thoughts on this? 

From Panelist Annette

Three of us that work in this area, Steve Chasko, Eldon Eadie, and myself, all agree that your chances of getting a smooth gaited horse from a gaited non-gaited cross are approximately 25%. 25% of such crosses are not gaited at all to the point that anyone would call them gaited, and about 50% display some intermediate 4 beat gait. If you want a smooth gaited offspring, breed to gaited.

I do not know if you are aware of it, but your mare is eligible for registration with the Ky Mtn Saddle Horse Assoc, which to date has an open book on mares. If you breed your mare to a KMSH stallion, you will have both a foal that is immediately registerable on birth with KMSHA, and it will also have the intermediate 4 beat gait. Many TWH mares, both registered and unregistered with TWH associations, are registered with KMSHA, because the TWH-KMSH cross produces an excellent horse. Some of the best horses I've seen have been of that cross, in fact. I have a TWH-KMSH cross mare here at my place, and she is a great horse, smooth strong gait, pleasant tempered.

For further information, go to www.kmsha.com, or contact me directly.


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