Indiana, 7 year old Ten.Walker, ridden in walking bit and western saddle in pasture and round pen by beginner rider.

Question: The horse has a smooth gait at times and a rough gait at times. He was pacey so I had some weighted shoes put on him. That helped a lot. He still needs some angle work done on his hind feet. Also, traveling down the road, moving or still objects startle him and make him jump. What can I do to stop this?

From Panelist Laura

To help with your new horse's being startled at objects on the road - you can 
just talk to him and reassure him that everything is okay, ride with other 
horses/riders so he can absorb their calm attitude (don't ride with other 
spooky horses), and ride him back & forth several times past the spooky 
things until he gets used to seeing them.  Stay calm yourself and don't 
chastise him for spooking.  

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