New York 2 1/2 year old  Mountain Pleasure Horse ridden in Western Saddle and Tom Thumb bit in Round pen by medium level rider.

Question: I have started my filly under saddle. She is very willing to learn and I have found it very easy to work with her. I have no experience training horses so I do alot of reading and watch videos. I have no one in upstate NY where I live who can help me work on her gaiting. Any info you could supply would be greatly appreciated. Is there any videos on gaited horses? Thanks, Sue

From Panelist Annette

Here is the list from the Appendix of my book of videos. I also list books,
but she asked for videos. 

A Balanced Ride - Video by Robin Ratliff. The third in her series of
training tapes. The best illustration of the riding techniques of the trotty
horse, pacey horse and evenly timed horse I have seen. Robin is a Paso Fino
trainer, so this tape also has an excellent illustration of the techniques
of the use of the jaquima for all three types, although she does not show
the use of the serrata for the laterally oriented horse. Available from
Robin for $50 at Rt.1, Box 25,Lamont FL 32336, 904-584-3234, email

Crash Course in Gait - Video by Annette L. Gerhardt, accompanied by an index
describing the gait of each horse on the tape, and additional explanatory
material on gait identification from in person visual and audio evaluation
or from a videotape, and from the saddle. Available from Annette for $28
including priority mail shipping and handling at Annette L. Gerhardt, High
Desert Ranch,191 E. Redwing Ln., Huachuca City, AZ 85616-8246, 520-456-2181,

The Gaits of Horses, video by Ted Sare, 54 minutes long, cost $30. Available
from Ted Sare, Rt. 2, Willard, MO 65781

The Running Walk of the Tennessee Walking Horse; From the Center of the
Ring - Videos by Eldon Eadie. The Running Walk has outstanding segments
showing the intermediate 4 beat gaits in slow motion. Available from Eldon
for $35 US. Eldon Eadie, Box 855, Turner Valley, Alberta, TOL 2AO, Canada,

Dr. Deb Bennett's Secrets Of Conformation, video, Deb Bennett, Ph.D.,
$38.95, Grand Prix Equestrian, 14450 Wood-Red Road #200, Woodinville, WA
98072,425-483-0937, Fax: 206-727-4958, E-mail:, web site
Equus Collection Book Directory,

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