Georgia, 9 year old TWH  ridden in big snaffle, was using english synthetic now using western saddle in 1/4 acre fenced field by a pretty new rider.

Question: Horse is green broke, he will walk forward on the trail with
other horses but gets bored and will not go forward in the training
ring.  I'm not sure if we are queing him properly or if it is just my
inexperience.  He is very stubborn also.  How should we ask him to go

From Panelist Nancy
If your horse has had some training, he should have been taught how to walk 
forward.  3 months training is not much time, but he should know that.  I 
doubt that your horse is stubborn.  He probably doesn't know what you are 
asking of him.  Perhaps it might be advisable for you to take some lessons, 
but I will try to describe what you should do to make your green horse 
understand what you want him to do.  

Have him facing straight ahead with even contact on both reins.  Make sure 
the rein contact is light enough for him to move forward.  Give up all 
contact if necessary, but  be sure he is facing straight so that walking 
forward will be easy for him.  Squeeze with both legs.  If he doesn't walk 
forward (as he probably won't understand unless he has been trained this 
way), touch him lightly on the shoulder with a riding crop or whip at the 
same time you are using your legs.  You might want to give the verbal cue 
"walk" also.  He will start to learn what that means.  When he starts to 
walk, just ask for a few steps and then stop him and pet him and tell him 
"good boy".  Keep repeating this procedure but as he learns what your legs 
are telling him, leave off the touch with the whip, and also ask for more 
walking steps.  When he answers promptly each time to your leg, by that time 
you will have him answering to the cue for him to walk and to stop.  While 
teaching him to start foreward, you have at the same time taught him to whoa. 
 Always remember to pat him and leg him know that he has done what you have 


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