Georgia 5 year old TWHBEA ridden in  Med shank, med port TWH bit and  western saddle by experienced trail rider

Question: I would like to know where to find ground training materials - and or advice on teaching my big 16.2h gelding to park out, from the ground and from the saddle...Where do you start?  Thanks, Janell

From Panelist Laura
Parking 101 - Start by teaching your horse to stand still.  Tell him "stand 
still" and reinforce it by giving a light pull on the reins/halter if he 
moves forward.  When he can stand still for a couple of minutes, now you can 
start on teaching him how to move his feet.  

Start with the back feet first.  Use your lead/reins to back the horse until 
the back feet are even.  Use a phrase like "back foot" instead of "back" so 
he doesn't think this is just backing up.  After the back feet are set, tell 
him to stand still.

Now work on the front feet.  Raise the horse's head a little with the lead 
and turn the head slightly away from whichever foot you want him to move 
forward.  Lightly tap that foot with a whip or your foot, lightly pull the 
horse forward and say "come out."  Praise & pet him when he moves the foot 
forward.  Do the same for the other foot.  Don't try to come out to a full 
park at first.  If the horse moves his front feet forward just a few inches, 
praise him and then tell him to stand still.

After the front feet are set - tap him under the jaw and tell him "head up."  
You want the head & neck to raise up to make his shoulders look nice.  
Remember to tell him to "stand still" every so often and praise him while he 
is still.  Don't park him out too long at first.

When you are ready to move out - use a noticeable cue such as a loud cluck or 
say "walk."  DO NOT use a cluck to get him to move feet - save that cue for 
moving forward.  Only practice this a few times a day so he doesn't get bored 
or sour.  Good Luck.


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