Kansas, 5 year old Foxtrotter ridden in a full cheek snaffle and western saddle in round pen & ring by advanced beginner

Question: I need to determine how to maintain the correct head set and the Foxtrot pace they have.  Is there any particular technique or equipment I need to maintain these skills. 

From Panelist Lee Ziegler
There is no exactly "correct" head set for a Fox trotter in the fox trot
gait (not pace, pace is a dirty word in the world of fox trotters)  How the
horse carries his head depends a great deal on what his gait flaws are (if
he has any) and how natural his fox trot is.  You will probably want to try
to maintain some light, even contact with his mouth through the snaffle, and
ask him to work with his forehead a bit toward the vertical (nose a bit
tucked) but not straight up and down.  You do this by keeping your hands
steady and perhaps a bit lower than usual on a high headed horse, higher
than usual on a low headed one.

Without more detail on the gaits this horse is doing, I can't be more

Good luck,

Lee Ziegler

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