Kentucky 5 year old  racking horse, have used a long shanked curved western bit and a tom thumb in a  pleasure saddle, riding in a square lot and oval arena by beginner - intermediate level rider

Question: my horse is leaning into the bit alot so much so that at times he will not move at all and will rear up on ocassion. he does well at times but then say you want him to go to the left and he does not want to he will just stop.

From Panelists Lee

It appears as if this horse could do with some training, and you could probably benefit from some riding lessons.  There are both bit
and control issues going on here ... he is obviously not happy in the broken mouth curb (tom thumb) or the western curb.  And is
also not happy with whatever you are doing on his back. 

So, take stock -- does your saddle fit him?  Are you sitting balanced in it?  are you trying to pull on the reins all the time, while
simultaneously expecting him to go forward (riding with the brakes on?) 

Ride in an enclosed area, slack off on the reins, and squeeze with your legs to ask him to go forward.  You might also try riding him
in a less severe bit -- a full cheek snaffle or simple western grazing curb comes to mind -- 

Good luck, this may take some time.

Lee Ziegler

From Panelists Robin

The first thing I would do is have his teeth checked out.  He could still have wolf teeth,have a tooth abcess,or even congestion or infection in his head.  I would think pain would make a horse have such a strong aversion to one side.  

Try that out, My Best,

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