Non-USA, Tennessee Walking Horse 4 year old ridden in O-ring snaffle and Tennessean saddle in a  rectangular corral by middle aged intermediate level rider.

Question: Yesterday, while someone else was on my TWH's back, he started to pace.  In his defence, this person is not an experienced gaited horse person, however I did not expect to see what I saw.  My walker has paced on me only a couple of times for short spurts in the corral while training.  He usually gives me a nice big fast, comfortable walk and his cantr is fine.  He will walk all day if I ask him to.  It's only when he's asked to speed up through his fast walk to a canter that he sometimes breaks into a pace. 

He's only 4 - and has only been ridden seriously in the last couple of weeks.  I am not a professional trainer, nor is there a professional walker trainer available to me in my area, but there are several experienced horse people who understand the gaits, one who is working with me on his neck reigning.  He's coming along just fine, this pacing bothers me though. 

Will I be able to train this out of him if I simply bring him down from it whenever it rears its ugly head and start again?

From Panelists Nancy

Yes, that is exactly what you should do.  That is how you will 
explain to your horse that you do not want him to pace.  Just stop him from 
pacing and ask again for the running walk or canter. 

Nancy Cade

From Panelists Robin
With muscle developement and saddle time he will probably do it less.  Remember the horse chooses to pace because the pace is easier to execute.  Make sure to cue the canter from a stop.Don't push a young horse into the canter,you might be confusing them.  
My Best,

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