Michigan, 4 years old Missouri Fox Trotter ridden in Aluminum curb bit and Western saddle in Round pen by Experienced rider.

Question: We raised this fox trotter gelding and then sold him as a 3 year old. He is boarded at our farm. He fights everytime anyone tries to put the bit in his mouth lately. He raises his head and it's hard to reach him. I've heard of putting something sweet on the bit, etc.  What's the best way to get him to accept the bit? It seems that we need to get him to lower his head first. We've had his teeth checked and they are fine.

From Panelists Darla

How do you take the bit out?  If you are just taking it out and it hits on 
his teeth that can make him bit sour.  This takes a lot of patience.  Also 
check his ears.  If he has sore ears for any reason (including bug bites) he 
may fear being bitted up.  I sometimes will put a rope halter on my horses 
and stand on it to keep their heads down.  Then GENTLY put the bit to their 
mouth and let them take it themselves.  BEst of luck and remember Patience is 
the key.   Darla

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