Oregon,13 years old Rocky Mountain ridden in billy allen snaffle and big horn cordura saddle in round pen by a beginner rider.

Question: I bought this 13 year old mare a month ago.She has been ridden in a walking horse bit.I don't own one and from what I,ve heard I don't want to own one but with the billy allen I don't seem to be able to turn her were I want her to go.I don't know if it me or the bit.Please Help

From Panelists Darla

Try working getting her lite.  She has probably been trained on a long shank 
bit to stay in the bit and just gait gait gait.   They do not use a snaffle 
bit on most training farms for gaited horses.   You will have to start from 
ground 0 and work on getting her light first....  Darla

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