Indiana RMH/KMSH 2 year old riden in English snaffle bit with Australian saddle in  round pen, mile long lane, 160 acres (farm and woods) by novice rider.

Question: I've had a Missouri Fox Trotter for years and just purchased a two yr. old RMH/KMSH gelding.  I've never had that young of a horse before and after I purchased the horse and took him home, I found out he didn't like to be brushed or have his feet picked up (kicked at me).  I contacted the owner and he said he's just ridden him maybe a dozen times (I knew he was green broke), but never brushed him or picked up his feet.  I've never purchased a horse that hadn't been handled.  I heard a young horse needs to walk a lot to learn their gait and not to canter them until they have their gait down.  But I keep hearing about pacing.  I have no idea what that means.  I know when I video tape him to have him certified and he's not suppose to pace.  Since he's young, I don't want him started to pace, then have trouble changing him later.  Can you explain (in layman's terms!) it to me?  I hear people talk about it all the time.

From Panelists Laura

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.  Be careful but very 
firm while working on your new horse's ground manners.  As far as the pace - 
this is a lateral two beat gait.  Watch your horse from the ground and if he 
is pacing, you will see the front & rear legs on one side of the body move 
forward & back together.  It can be a very rough gait to ride.  You may need 
to find a trainer in your area to teach your horse to do a consistant, fairly 
fast 4-beat gait for your certification tape.  Good luck with your new horse.


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