Virginia,  paso 6 years old in bosal and ortho-flex saddle ridden in ring by novice.

Question:     would like a trainer's opinion of the Bob Marshall schooling and training saddle. I am looking for a saddle that will fit my horse, be lightweight and have a secure seat and give a close contact with the horse. The above mentioned saddle seems to fit all criteria,but would like to hear the pros and cons of this type of saddle. thanks.

From Panelists Christine

I have seen and used two of these saddles and liked them. I am rather fond of treeless saddles and find the horses move so much better with them. They have more freedom to turn. What I found with one of the Bob Marshall saddles was that it placed my legs too far forward, the othr one was fine. The quality is great, I give it both thumbs up.

From Panelists Laura
Sorry, I have never heard of this saddle.  I don't think the name on the 
saddle is as important as whether it actually fits your horse.  If it fits 
your horse (doesn't pinch anywhere and allows for free shoulder movement) and 
fits you (reasonably comfortable on the hinny & knees) - then it's a good 
saddle.  If it doesn't fit you & your horse, it's a bad saddle.  Putting 
miles on your horse will work more wonders than a "name" saddle.


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