Nebraska  Tennessee Walker,  11 years old

Question: We have had problems the last two springs with one of our horses having ring worm on his face and it spreads through out most of his body.  We had the vet look at him and he gave us $50.00 bottle of shampoo that we used faithfully for 6 weeks.  It really didn't do a lot.  Maybe just slowed it down some.  Then we tried a spray called, 'Blu-kote' hich is a fungicidal antiseptic. This seems to help some also but we just can't get rid of it.  He really suffers with it and we are looking for advice on how to get rid of it.  I can't find any one else how has had this problem to talk to.  Can you help?

From Panelists Laura

You could try a betadine based shampoo like Alodine to see if it helps.  
There are also spray on products available through the mail order catalogs 
(Jeffers, Valley Vet Supply, etc) specifically made for ring worm & fungus.  
If none of this works, you might have your vet scrape one of the lesions and 
check it to be sure it isn't something other than ring worm.


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