Michigan 5 year old  Tenesse Walker worked in round pen and indoor arena

Question: Are there different techniques for basic ground training of a gaited horse? I am asking this for a friend of mine that has a 5 year old Tenesse Walker that is only halter, tie and farrier broke.
Thanks for helping a friend help a friend, :-)

From Panelists Lee

The only difference in ground training for a gaited horse and a non-gaited 
one are the easy gaits themselves.   These are sometimes difficult for a 
horse to do in a small circle, and so do not always lend themselves to longe 
line or round pen work.  However, with care, a horse can work quite well on a 
longe in the flat walk and slow running walk, and can benefit from cavalletti 
work on the longe to overcome a pace problem if it exists.   I find longe 
work very useful for gaited horses, but I work  with them on the longe mostly 
at a flat walk and ordinary walk .   

Round pen work, for behavior, works fine for gaited horses as well, but it is 
not as precise for dealing with gait.  Most of them are not built to do fast 
roll backs or spins at the gallop, so avoid doing those things in the round 

Long line driving is excellent for gaited horses,  as long as the trainer can 
keep up with the horse!   

So, the short answer is that the only difference in techniques with gaited 
horses involves being aware of what is physically possible for the horse (no 
running walk in a small circle) and working with the gaits that are easiest 
for the horse to use.

Lee Ziegler


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