Alabama  reg. tennessee walking paint Age: 4.  I just ride him-but he's had ownwer for 2  1/4 years. We ride in halter type leather bridle with a moderatedly curved bit with a canadian bounty saddle- stock. In a large round pasture by beginner rider.

Question: I have ridden on and off all of my life. About a week and a half ago I started riding this tw paint for a friend to get him in shape.He mainly worked feild trials-hunting before, but had not been ridden in about 5-6 months he had gained lots of weight.

I cannot seem to get him into what shound be his 'natural" tennessee walking horse gait-Don't know if it's all his new weight or me. His owner said there was no particular singnal she'd given to get him into his walk- he just did it with other tennesse walkers around She can't ridde b/c of a surgury- and I am riding alone -no other horses around.
He's very spirited-yet wants to obey- friendly. I don't know why he doesn't collect himself and get into his walk- 

please reply thanks- 

From Panelists Laura

I would recommend you do a lot of dog walking with this horse (slowest gait 
where you slide front to back in the saddle as the horse walks) and 
concentrate mostly on getting the horse back in shape.  Whenever you speed 
up, only speed up a little and tell the horse to flat walk.  Without knowing 
what gait the horse is doing now, it is hard to tell you what you can do to 
get a smoother gait.


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