California 4 year old Spotted Saddle Horse, New Horse ridden in Bosal and Western saddle in Round Pen, trails by novice.


Horse Breed: TWH

Horse Age: 3

How Long have you owned the horse?: just over 3 months

Professional Training?: Yes

How Long?: Not sure; a couple of months prior to us owning

Trained by Who?: don't know

How long a problem?: a little over a month .  he didn't seem
to do it when I first got him

Headgear: snaffle bit, I think

Type of saddle?: western

Facilities Available?: pasture, round pen

Level Rider: beginner to intermediate

Question: My 3yo TWH gelding is stumbling.  He didn't seem
to do this when I first got him.  It's like he gets excited
to keep up with the other horses that he falls all over
himself.  I think part of it may be he's not paying
attention.  I'm not a good enough rider yet to help him.
One time he fell completely down after stumbling.  He went
down face first and cracked his nose against the crowd.
Thank goodnes we were both okay.  He also groans a lot while
riding.  And, he eats anything in sight while on the trail
and defecates more than other horses while riding.  Here's
what usually happens...he slows down going up hill, hanging
his head, then he trys to run down hill to catch up to the
other horses.  He stumbles on flat ground too.  When I try
to slow him down by bumping the reins, he throws his head
and goes on.

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