Kentucky 10 year old Saddlebred ridden one ear hole headset with a 6" shank
> bridle (what the reins
> attach to) and a pretty harsh curb bit.

> Type of saddle?: roping

> Facilities Available?: pasture only

> Level Rider: rode a lot, probably average

> Question: Hello my question is regarding my wide
> eyed 10 yr. old
> saddlebred "puddin". She is absolutely Wide open all
> the time. It is my
> understanding that the kid that owned her before me
> let her run at will,
> and believe me you can't wear her out. I have been
> trying for 14 months
> to slow her down, but I am having no luck. She is
> eager to please and
> has responded to basic training such as standing
> still until asked to
> go. Standing while you mount, dismount and such. All
> of this was foreign
> to her when I got her. 

> I have tried different bits and what I would think
> would work as a
> training method. Today I put this harsh bit to the
> test, at the advice
> of a tack shop owner. After only about a 3 hour ride
> she was fighting
> the bit again. only now the chin strap wore into the
> flesh and her gums
> on both sides were bleeding from the pressure to
> keep her from running
> off.

> I rode with a couple more saddlebreds today and
> although they were
> spirited they did not act like her. nor did their
> owners have any
> advice. Other than maybe her teeth need to be
> "floated". 

> I don't know what floated is and I am looking for
> any help you can
> provide. I am currently riding her every night for
> 30 to 40 minutes and
> each time she breaks out of her walk I stop her and
> make her stand still
> and do it over again. but this doesn't seem to be
> helping. 

> Do you think it is her mouth? what type of
> headset/bit combination do
> you recommend? and do you have any training tips to
> help this otherwise
> beautiful and thoughtful horse to maintain whatever
> gait she is asked to
> be in.

> thanks for your help in advance.

> Brian


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